Branis Recycling Limited (BRL), IPA No. 1-40609 is a 100% nationally owned metal waste management company incorporated under the companies Act of 1997, which is administered by the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) of Papua New Guinea. Branis Recycling Limited was incepted in October 2000 and grew in strength up till present. Presently, Branis Recycling is equally one of the biggest nationally owned metal waste management company with branches in Lae, Mt Hagen, Goroka, Rabaul, Kimbe and Wabag. Branis Recycling always has the desire to establish its operation overseas and recently opened an office in Cairns, Australia.

Today Branis Recycling is a biggest metal waste management (recycling) company in Papua New Guinea with about 80 employees. Branis Recycling is in the business of collecting, buying and exporting waste metals direct to major markets in Australia and booming Asian markets.

Due to increase in its core business activities, Branis Recycling has invested heavily in acquiring additional metal recycling equipment such as bailers, weigh-bridge, excavator with magnet, crane trucks and plasma cutters to increase efficiency, productivity and promote safety and an eco-friendly working environment.

Branis Recycling tries to develop a solid reputation in providing a comprehensive range of metal waste management services which meets the needs of its environmentally sensitive client’s in a cost effective and efficient manner.

• Branis Recycling aims to work in partnership with corporate industries, government and resource developers to help them conduct their businesses and/or achieve their business goals in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner.

• To help clean the environment of waste (scrap) metals [both ferrous and non-ferrous] and other industrial wastes for the benefit of future generations.

• To create employment and wealth for the less fortunate or unemployed people of Papua New Guinea.

• To be a partner in the economic growth and development of national (Papua New Guinea’s) wealth.

• To train all our staff be safety concise in all aspects of the operations so as to archive our stated objects with minimum lost hours.

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