Branis Recycling is involved in the business of removal or collection, processing and exporting of all industrial and domestic scrap metals for recycling. The scrap metals include both ferrous and non-ferrous:

• Ferrous include steel or metal which are basically categorized as magnetic or attracted by magnet.

• Nonferrous includes all aluminum, copper wires, brass, stainless steel, etc., which are non-magnetic or not attracted by magnet.

Branis Recycling’s branches and agents in the other provinces collect, sort and transport all metals to Lae and Port Moresby, where they’re further sorted, bailed and exported to buyers in Australia and Asia.

As stated earlier of paramount importance is the safety aspects of all our activities including our workforce who are training regularly according to the industry’s fast changing trends.

The world has come to a stage where it creates a lot of environmental mass and damages in the name of development. Much of the damages are irreparable, however, we have the opportunity to control and mitigate irreparable environmental impacts worldwide, providing that we have good environmental policies, political will, good governance, good business practice, awareness, etc.

From social and environmental perspective, Branis Recycling in its operations is fully conscious of our responsibilities towards our environment whether it is urban or rural village societies. Branis Recycling takes it as its goal to demand for increasingly stringent levels of environmental protection. Branis Recycling does this by cleaning all waste metals, both ferrous and none ferrous, for recycling purposes so that it contributes towards waste reduction globally. In doing so, socially it creates job opportunities directly and indirectly for people in the areas Branis Recycling operates.

Branis Recycling have the business capacity in terms of knowledge, facilities, machinery and skilled manpower in the industry and established network throughout the country to handle any given waste metal management task.

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